Scrap Tyre Collection

1st Choice Waste Collection offers responsible and efficient scrap tyre collection. Tyres have their own challenges and environmental concerns. Therefore, we provide an easy and comprehensive solution that promotes sustainability and convenience. We help individuals and businesses alike address their tyre waste while contributing to a greener future for our local communities.

Stack Of Tyres

Responsible Disposal

Improper disposal of tyres can have severe environmental consequences, creating fire hazards and contributing to pollution. Therefore, tyres require specialised handling to mitigate these risks. 1st Choice Waste Collection are trained professionals in safely managing scrap tyres, ensuring they are diverted away from landfills and processed responsibly. By choosing us, you’re not only addressing your waste issues, but also participating in a local effort to reduce waste’s impact on the environment.

Pile Of Old Tyres

No Job Too Big or Too Small

Whether you’re a business dealing with industrial tyre waste or a homeowner with a few old tyres to discard, we can help. No job is too big or too small. We ensure that all tyres are securely loaded and transported to designated facilities for appropriate processing.

Waste Tyres

Flexible Scheduling

Our process aims to make scrap tyre disposal convenient and hassle-free. Need flexible scheduling options? We can offer collections that align with your timeline. Alleviate the stress of tyre disposal, and focus on other aspects of your home or business when you choose 1st Choice.

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